Proposal to fell Ash trees on the Village Green

An application to fell 7 ash trees on the village green has met with strong objections by the Parish Council. The removal of almost 50% of the trees on this green space will have a significant impact on the views in this area.

Residents are encouraged to send their views to TVBC quoting reference 20/02030/TREEN as soon as possible.

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2 comments on “Proposal to fell Ash trees on the Village Green

  1. Amy Barrett says:

    Do we know why?


  2. mikecleugh says:

    The reason why the applicant has put in this notification is probably because one of the villagers living next to the green complained to Mr Li that the trees on the green were dangerous and were overhanging their house.

    He replied a week later advising that he would fence off the green. As I was forwarded his reply I immediately wrote to Mr Li with pictures showing the trees adjacent to the road were not a problem and advised him not to waste his money putting up a fence.

    He has clearly decided to fell the trees instead and as they are Ash trees he may claim they are suffering from Ash die back. I spoke to the Tree officer yesterday and he advised that he cannot put a TPO on any trees with Ash die back but he will have them inspected shortly and advise if they are healthy or not.

    We need a significant number of objections to encourage TVBC to implement TPOs. So please get all the people you know to write to TVBC on the planning portal or email ref application no 20/02030/TREEN

    Mike Cleugh
    Monxton Parish Council

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