Proposal to remove trees from Village Green

To all villagers
Monxton Parish Council Objection to the felling of Ash trees on the village green ref 20/02030/TREEN

You may be aware that Mr Dique Li, the owner of the village green, has put in an application to cut down all seven Ash trees which are located on or near the village green.

This will have a massive impact on the scene around the green as these form part of the iconic views across to the river from the all roads.
If you are so minded please put in your objection ASAP, note while the closing date for objections is technically today the application is open for any comments up to the 8th October and following discussions today with the tree officer they will not be able to act unless there are significant local objections.

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5 comments on “Proposal to remove trees from Village Green

  1. Guy Baker says:

    Removal of the ash trees would be a huge shame and loss to the village. I firmly object.

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  2. Sally Baker says:

    I am shocked and horrified by the proposal to remove the trees. Ash trees are under threat from disease so we should at least protect them from humans, why isn’t there a TPO on them.

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  3. Guy Baker says:

    The loss of trees on the village green will change the outlook of the village. Trees of all kinds are precious and they should be protected not demolished. I often sit by the brook and the trees add to the peace and serenity of the area.

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  4. Lorraine Pullen says:

    The removal of any trees from our Village Green would be detrimental not just to the look, feel and beauty of our gorgeous Monxton but also to the local wildlife and benefit of our Community. How can this be allowed! !

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  5. Margaret Ellwood says:

    Before any decision is made it must be evidence based. The trees offer a valuable habitat for wildlife to flourish. Ash trees make an important contribution to biodiversity and wildlife habitat and this includes use by bats for roosting where suitable opportunities arise. .those who live in the village often comment on the number of bat’s flying around this area. The removal of these trees would be of significant detriment to all members of the local population (human or otherwise) and I firmly object.

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