Housing Needs Survey


It has come to the attention of the Parish Council that you will shortly receive through the mail a Housing Needs Survey. The survey is being conducted by Hampshire Homes Hub on behalf of a property developer, Orchard Homes, who wish to build between 30 and 50 new houses on land behind Stanbury Close Thruxton. The survey has no connection whatsoever to either Test Valley Borough Council or the Parish Council.

The survey seeks to determine the need for new housing in the area. It comprises 2 parts:

  • Part 1 asks questions about your household, including how many people live in the house, their age, the size of house, how long you have lived here and whether you (or anyone in your household) are thinking of moving house in the coming 5 years.  If you are considering a move, you are asked to complete Part 2.
  • Part 2 asks more personal questions about why you might need a new home, who would live in it, what type of house you would look for, how many bedrooms and some very private questions about your income, how much deposit you could afford, how much you could afford in monthly payments (mortgage, rent, etc) and whether you are disabled or have mobility issues.
  • We have no information about how the personal data collected by the survey will be protected under GDPR legislation.

The survey is being sent to all households in 9 parishes in north west Test Valley – as well as Thruxton, the survey will be sent to residents in Fyfield, Kimpton, Shipton Bellinger, Amport, Penton Grafton, Appleshaw, Penton Mewsey and Monxton. It is due to be mailed out with a reply-paid envelope in early September.

The survey is the first step in the process for a developer who has an option on land and who is considering submitting a planning application for a development; TVBC require any application to be supported by a recent survey of housing needs. Orchard Homes have not submitted any planning application but the fact that they are conducting this survey indicates that they are actively considering the development of this area of land.

The land is currently designated as agricultural and sits outside the settlement boundary of Thruxton Village, although within the Parish boundary. Any application to develop this land would be against the policies of the Neighbourhood Development Plan and, in our view, would place an intolerable burden on the village infrastructure.

It is not our role to tell you whether or not to complete the survey or the answers to provide; however, if you do complete the survey, please be aware of the fact that it is being paid for by a property developer who is actively considering a development of 30 – 50 new houses on land currently given to farming and through which is a much-loved footpath to Fyfield Church.

Thank you.

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One comment on “Housing Needs Survey

  1. ian Morrison says:

    Fight it tooth and nail


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