Monxton Parish Council Meeting 13th Oct 2020


There will be a virtual meeting of Monxton Parish Council (via zoom) at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 13th October 2020.All Councillors are requested to participate. Members of the public can join the meeting by following this link

For further information please contact The Clerk

Heather Bourner

Clerk to Monxton Parish Council

01264 773976

  1. Apologies for Absence
  • Public Participation
  • Declarations of Interest
  • Minutes & matters arising
  • Reports to include

Village Hall update


           Environment & Footpaths




           To note the following TVBC decision:

  1. 20/00284/LWBN –enclosure of existing link, new doors and windows- Monxton manor- withdrawn
  2. 20/01093/FULLN-erection of pergola, car port, pool house, provision of swimming pool paving and landscaping (amended scheme)- permission20/01016/TELN- Installation of telecommunications mast- objection
  3. 20/02030/TREEN- fell 7 ash trees, land adjacent pub car park- permission

         To receive the Planning Advisory Committees recommendations on the     

          following applications

          20/02381/TREEN- tree works, Bec House, Monxton Road

  • County and Borough Councillors Report


  1. Any other Business

Date of Next Meeting- 7.30 pm on Tuesday 12th January 2021

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