Southern Water’s Operations in our ParishPC Update 16 October 2021

This month has seen real progress on electroscan surveys and repair of the
network and further planning activity by SW for implementation of their
‘pathfinder’ project in our area. SW is clearly going through a reorganisation,
which will see us have a dedicated ‘network manager’, which could help with
planning information flows. The last week was punctuated by a ‘rising main’ at
Little Ann Bridge and a flurry of associated activity

SW have surveyed 80% of public sewers and are scheduled to complete
by end-Oct 21. They have repaired (lined) 55% of public sewers in our area and
these are scheduled for completion by end-Dec 21; this should significantly
reduce inundation entering SW’s network.
Pre-season work (e.g. groundwater site and catchment inspections, jetting
to clear pipes, WPS equipment maintenance) continues. Such preparation
identified a ‘rising water main’ (leak) at Little Ann Bridge, close to the river. This
necessitated the extensive use of tankers for several days, for example at the end
of Wiremead Lane in Amport, causing significant temporary disruption on our
roads and to residents nearby the works. The repair necessitated the removal of
plant and the demolition of a small building. Repairs were effected such that
tankering stopped on 15 Oct 21. APC used Facebook to let the ‘connected’
community know of the temporary work. SW has been advised that for such
activities, the community need to know: the issue; the work SW (or others) are
undertaking to effect repairs and the impact this may have on the community;
the length of time required to complete; and the contact for information or
complaints. The Communications Plan will need to be amended by SW.
SW and the EA have nearly completed the second draft Fyfield Infiltration
Reduction Plan (IRP), for review by PCs shortly.

Groundwater reports show that water levels bottomed out recently and
are now starting to rise again, after recent heavy rainfall; this leaves us
vulnerable to disruption from tankering, perhaps from end-Nov 21. We continue
to work with SW to monitor these reports and their predictions for intervention.
Planning has been advanced for temporary works to reduce disruption at
the Mullens Pond site on Wiremead Lane, for example, fencing increased in
height to reduce light pollution and noise, and the site connected to mains
electricity by end-Dec 21. However, it is now clear that these works will not be
completed by end-December (e.g. a lay-by to take tankers off the road and avoid
traffic lights).
The scope and timing of other rehabilitation work (lining of pipes) will be
determined by the surveys. SW has been asked to discuss lining activity with the
PC before they are undertaken; this appears to have worked well at Kimpton,
where such work is currently underway. APC will discuss this with the Network
Manager in the coming days.
Internal restructuring of SW will affect the way we interact with SW;
details are not yet clear. They will have a Network Manager’ (Sam Cooper) in
place on 18 Oct 21; once we’ve discussed his role with him, no doubt the effect of
the changes will be clearer.
SW intend to issue a newsletter shortly.
SW are committed to describing proposals for sealing of private
properties sewage arrangements to seal laterals, a necessary addition to
reducing inundation of public pipes. Progress here is painfully slow, currently
locked in internal SW discussion over the legal situation.
The IRP development is critical to maintaining the regulatory framework
for SW’s operations; completion of the IRP by end-Oct 21 to a standard the PC
considers ‘fit for purpose’ is assessed as unlikely; we continue to work with SW
and the EA across the seven parishes to get this right.
We intend to get the Hampshire County Council Highways (key to
resolving surface water inundation of SW’s system from the carriageway) and
Fyfield Parish Council (who are not yet included), involved in the PPF to mutual
benefit; their engagement has not yet been achieved.
The record of the Pan Parish Forum (PPF) has not yet been agreed by SW,
who is reviewing the EA’s recommended amendments; it has taken far too long
and we continue to chase SW for agreement; they will then be published, for
example on the website

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