Village Gateways

The Traffic Steering Group has looked at various methods for traffic calming in Monxton and among the variety of ideas have been Village Gateways.

Gateways are used to indicate to drivers where the road changes character, for example at the start of a traffic calming scheme or at the entry to a village to create the first impressions of the village. Gateways are not a width restriction and must allow access to any vehicle entitled to use the road. Research conducted by the Department for Transport suggests that gateways can be effective particularly when combined with proven speed reducing measures. The gateways complement other speed-reducing measure.

We have had confirmation from both HCC and TVBC that Monxton can have Village Gateways and that the cost will not be borne by taxpayers, but come from other sources, such as the Goodman barred routes fine money.

We propose the Village Gateways in the following locations at or near the current Monxton village signs, but the exact location will be decided by Highways once a design has been chosen:
Monxton/Andover Road
Green Lane
Broad Road
Abbotts Ann Road

We feel the boundary on Amport Road is too small for a gateway.

We have shortlisted the following designs and we would like parishoners to choose which is the preferred style. We also hope to install bespoke village signs (similar to those in Abbotts Ann) for Monxton at the same time.





2 comments on “Village Gateways

  1. Adrian Drage says:

    Regardless of the design selected, the implied task here is that such structures will need both to be maintained and cleaned regularly; the state of these gateways will send a message about the village. So we will either have to pay or use local (free) labour. Given the response to recent requests for various types of ‘village clean ups’ I wonder if the ‘will’ is there for the latter; are we prepared to pay or is there a danger that these gateways become an eyesore? Just a thought.


    • I will be cleaning them myself, if and when needed. I would still like to organise a village clean up, but I think it would be even better if someone other than Parish Council co-ordinated it all, as we are all rather busy, being such a small council. Sarah, MPC


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