Broadband Speeds

Monxton Parish Council has arranged a meeting with BT Openreach and Hampshire Superfast Broadband for 28 May to discuss how and when we can get faster/better broadband to our village.

However, in the mean time, we really need to know what broadband speeds households are experiencing in Monxton.

Please go to Broadband Speed Checker and run the test. We would like as many households as possible to do this, to give us an accurate picture of speeds. We need both your upload and download speeds please.

Please either leave a comment below, or email us with your results. It would also be useful to know where you live (road name will do) to see if we can identify any particularly fast or slow areas.

Many thanks.

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10 comments on “Broadband Speeds

  1. Getting a download speed of 2.43mb/s and 0.381mb/s for upload – Amport Road.


  2. Pamela Fisk says:

    As requested our speeds are download 1.4MB and upload 0.4MB. This relates to Willow Glen, Andover Road Monxton SP11 8AP.

    Good luck with your meeting with BT

    Pamela Fisk


  3. Richard Williams says:

    Download speed 1.04mb/s + Upload speed 0.310mb/s – High Street


  4. Adrian Drage says:

    Perhaps not too helpful to your case, my speeds are: Download 4.80 mb/s and Upload 0.434 mb/s – High Street. Could be that I am closer to the exchange.


  5. Peter Fennell says:

    Download 1.70mb/s Upload 0.4 mb/s

    23 Sunnybank Monxton SP118BZ


  6. Pete Weston says:

    Download 3.4mb, upload 380kb ! I have been given a new router which I hope will improve things, will let you know. Monxton rd, near Red Post Bridge.


  7. John Chaffey says:

    Download 3.24 Upload 0.405. 11 Sunybank


  8. Alun Owen says:

    4.7mb/s download, 0.2mb/s upload at 9:50pm Meadow View Cottage, Broad Road.. I have noticed that the broadband is at a virtual standstill between 5pm and 7pm most days.. with some intermittent connection during the day.


  9. Martyn Phillips says:

    At 4:50pm on Monday 12th May, download was 5.76Mb/s and upload was 1.76Mb/s – I did try running a second and third time and each time results were markedly different. Martyn Phillips – The Willows, High Street


  10. Martyn Phillips says:

    Just tried to measure the speed as it seemed much slower today – this time 1.59Mb/s download and 0.445Mb/s upload. Martyn, The WIllows, High Street


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