Work on the riverbanks

Some of you may have noticed that works have started on the riverbank of Monxton green and along the banks of Monxton Manor grounds. The owners of Monxton Manor are implementing some of the recommendations proposed by the Wild Trout Trust, which have also been confirmed with the River Restoration Centre and the Environment Agency.

These works are to protect the river banks and to create a more natural and harmonious environment for fish and other wildlife both in and alongside the Pillhill Brook.

Click here to read the Wild Trout Trust Report on Pillhill Brook


We are very grateful to Mr & Mrs Corroon for improving the riverbanks, including the green, which many of us use all year round. There will now be an access point for dogs and children (and grownups) to the river.

One comment on “Work on the riverbanks

  1. Cllr David Bateman says:

    I think this a marvellous gesture by Mr & Mrs Corroon. The work that has been done is very favourable to the eye and has made such a difference to the whole landscape. Looking forward to the clean up of the village so that Monxton looks pristine from each direction.


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