Nelsons Lorries – working hours extensions

Nelson Plant Hire Application No: 14/01527/CMAN

VARIATION OF CONDITION 3 (operating hours) of planning permission 11/02569/CMAN for an increase in hours to start from 6am to 6pm to include Saturdays and between 6am to 1pm on Bank Holidays.

The deadline for comments is now 1st August 2014 to Hampshire County Council (not TVBC).

This planning application has been deferred from the 16th July 2014 Regulatory Committee and it will now be considered at the 17th September 2014 Regulatory Committee.

If you wish to comment details are on  You can do so by email to  and copy to the case officer, Kristina King at or in writing to her at:

County Planning
Economy, Transport and Environment
Hampshire County Council
Elizabeth II Court West
Hampshire SO23 8UD

Do also copy in Cllr Pat West ( and Cllr Ben Few-Brown (, if you wish.

We have compiled a template letter for everyone to use. Please download the Letter of Objection Nelsons Operating hours and add you own comments if you wish. Don’t forget to add your own name and address to the letter too!


5 comments on “Nelsons Lorries – working hours extensions

  1. Joseph Flynn says:

    As a monxton villager born and bred I think we should live and let live. After all these guys have to earn a living. We have no power to stop HGV’s other than the ones leaving the co-op coming through the village. I know it is a bitter pill to swallow but im afraid central government make the laws and policies and not us. If it wasn’t Nelson lorries it would only be someone elses from outside the area which surely is worse. I am all for these vehicles sticking to the speed limit and any which are not doing so should be warned. If we were to stop HGV’s coming through that would mean we would have to stop the beer lorry delivering to the pub, or the bus coming through which frankly will never happen. To simply stop one companies lorries coming through would certainly be prejudice and could leave the local authority open to huge court action and compensation/ Why don’t we all stop our crusade and personal battles and just accept that this is going to happen regardless !!!


    • Barbone says:


      The bus service you refer to is not an HGV and is on a designated pick up and drop off route with no alternative

      the pub vehicle is not a 20 t large HGV and it delivers once a week not 60 double movements per day over the period 0800 to 1700. Single journeys to deliver to a premises are permitted even in a HGV weight restricted zone.

      The Unsuitable HGV sign is advisory to HGV’s that the route is exactly that UNSUITABLE and that an alternative route exists which is better for them in order to avoid an issue ahead usually road narrowing ……..exactly the situation for most of monxton high street.

      CO-OP lorries are banned under a section agreement due to their size, potential quantities and disruption they would cause.

      Nelsons lorries are moving in such numbers and for a such a timeframe coupled with the potential for even larger logging vehicles ( truck and trailer) that Hampshire County council need to consider measures to ensure that an alternative solution is sought to avoid the current situation becoming even worse.

      It is not discrimination against one company but all unsuitable / excessive HGV activity as designated by TVBC when they put the signs up at the top of red post lane.


    • I have tried to email Joseph Flynn but the email came back as ‘does not exist’. I emailed Joan Baxter but I have not had a reply. Both Joseph Flynn and Joan Baxter are unknown to anyone in the village and they do not appear on the electoral role. Therefore we can only assume that these people are not real and that the writers of the comments are connected in some way with Nelsons, unless proved otherwise.


  2. ‘Joseph Flynn’ (or whoever he is really) is a liar, he was not ‘born and bred in Monxton’ and if he were he would know we all know each other and no one has ever heard of him – even those who really were born and bred in Monxton. The fictitious ‘Flynn’ and ‘Joan Baxter’ are quite obviously in the pay and/or employ of Nelsons and their comments and opinions should be ignored.


  3. Marcus Tebbutt-Ford says:

    Can we forward “Joan” and “Joseph” messages to the planning people just to show them the underhand tactics at work by Nelson and/or Nelson agitators?


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