Parish Council Minutes – 17 September 2014

Minutes of the Monxton Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 17th September 2014 in the Monxton Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Present : Cllr Mike Cleugh – Chairman, Cllr Sarah Dowding – Vice Chairman, Cllr Judith Balding, Cllr Adrian Drage, Cllr David Bateman, Richard Waterman – Parish Clerk, Members of the Public – 13, Mr Ray Alborough – TVBC Highways; Mr Mike James, Richard Andrews and Graham Purvis – Southern Water.
Apologies : Borough Councilor Mr B Few-Brown and County Councilor Mrs P West.

WELCOME – Cllr Mike Cleugh welcomed everyone to the meeting
DECLARATION OF INTEREST – There were no declarations of interest recorded
MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING – The Chairman signed the minutes of the July meeting as a true record.
MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC – No slots had been booked to address the Parish Council.

SOUTHERN WATER – Cllr Judith Balding was pleased to welcome Southern Water representatives, Mike James – Stakeholder Communications, Richard Andrews – author of the draft IRP and Graham Purvis – Hampshire Area Plan Manager, to discuss their draft Infiltration Reduction Plan (IRP).

SW has been working to survey and repair sources of infiltration in the villages of Fyfield, Kimpton, Mullens Pond and Monxton. These villages have been combined into a single IRP because they are on the same sewage network. The gravity flow from Fyfield and Kimpton villages is pumped via Thruxton, Mullens Pond and Amport to Monxton and on to Fullerton treatment works. The success of the infiltration reduction programme will be dependent on the support of the Environment Agency, Hampshire County Council, Test Valley Borough Council and all of the village’s Parish Councils.

Mr Mike James reported that Southern Water have 24,000 miles of sewers, much of it aging and in need of repair. Last year survey work was carried out in the Monxton catchment area. A repair programme was undertaken costing £1 Million.


1) Can SW explain the design and capacity of the sewage system which passes through Monxton WPS and the design and capacity of the pumping station itself.

Answer: The system is a ‘foul system’. Sewage from Fyfield and Kimpton is pumped to Amport. It is then pumped to Monxton and then over the hill to Abbots Ann before being pumped to Fullerton. Monxton Pumping station has two pumps that are sized for the catchment area, they pump 45ltr a second. When needed the pumping station is supplemented by tankers. There is a back up alarm system that alerts Southern Water of problems. It was reported that the Alarm System was not working – Mr James noted this. The alarm system will be reviewed, along with ensuring the electricity system is resilient to any future flooding.

2) When the flooding occurred, why did it take SW so long to start over pumping

Answer: Southern Water have to apply for permits from the EA before over pumping can begin. There are a lot of conditions to meet before consent is given.

3) What are SW doing to prevent a recurrence of flooding to the sewage system and the pumping station this winter.

Answer: The Monxton Pumping Station has been up-graded and pumping capacity has been increased by 50%. The system is checked along the line and an early warning system has been installed at Mullens Pond (Est Cholderton). Repair work to stop surface water entering the system have been undertaken at a cost of £300,000. The work should be completed by the 1st October 2014.

4) What are SW considering for the medium and longer term, as it appears to us laymen that the plant, being sited in an area of high groundwater, is not in the right place?

Answer: The pumping station at Monxton has been sighted at the lowest point and there were no problems with ground water in the pumping station during the recent floods.

5) How does SW monitor the capacity of the system and are they approached or consulted by TVBC and HCC when new building plans are submitted?

Answer: Southern Water are not one of the statuary consultees, however Southern water are consulted on large scale developments. If the Parish Council have any concerns about any new development in the parish please contact Southern Water.

6) What arrangements do SW have in place for compensation to users when the services you provide are unavailable and how are these communicated to your customers?

Answer: Customers must report their claims direct to Southern Water with dates, times etc. Each case is investigated.

7) Is there a panel in place at SW which seeks out the views of your customers and provides feedback to the heads of the relevant departments?

Answer: Southern Water review their business plan every 5 years and customers are consulted. The last consultation was sent out to 31,000 customers.

8) What were the results of the CCTV surveys carried out by SW in Monxton in June at the river crossings and have those repairs identified been completed yet? If not, when will they be done?

Answer: CCTV was carried out on the system, there was not a lot of ground water infiltration detected. There are no current plans to do any work but this will be reviewed at a later date.

9) What is the timeline for implementing the IRP.

Answer: The IRP is a living document at the moment and should be completed within the next two weeks, it will then be sent to the EA for approval. It could take two to three months for the EA to come back with approval. Once approval is granted it could take up to a minimum of two years to implement the IRP. This was deemed unacceptable by those present at the meeting.

MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC – The Southern Water Team were asked questions on Over Pumping, Raw Sewage in the fields and the time it took to sort things out during the problems earlier in the year. The Chairman thanked the Southern Water Team for coming.

FOOTPATHS AND BRIDLEWAYS – Footpaths & Bridleways Boat 11 has been cut back up to the track to Weyhill and most of the footpaths and bridleways have been cleared.

TEST VALLEY ASSOCIATION OF PARISH AND TOWN COUNCILS – Cllr Balding attended a meeting of the TVAPTC on 11th September on behalf of MPC. The Chairman, Charles Milner-Williams welcomed MPC and a very informative presentation was given by the guest speaker, Steve Lees, Head of Planning Policy and Transportation at TVBC.

Subject: Ref 14/01527/CMAN Extension of hours at waste transfer station Homestead Farm, Penton Corner.
Objections had been sent by MPC and several villagers. The main issue for the Monxton is the Lorries transporting material to Georgia Farm. Cllr David Bateman and Cllr Mrs P West attended the Planning Meeting. Cllr Bateman was pleased to report that the application had been refused by the Planning Committee. The Parish Council wished to thank Cllr Mrs Pat West for her support on this matter. A discussion of the dumping of rubble at the Georgia Lane Site followed.

Rural Crime

You may have noticed the recent coverage of rural crime in the news media. Livestock rustling, traditionally the stuff of westerns, has resurfaced in Britain. In 2013 the number of sheep stolen from farmers around the country increased by 25%. In our area crime has involved the theft of fuel oil and other chemicals, hand tools, tack and increasingly items such as quad bikes. Larger vehicles such as tractors are also targeted, generally to order by organised gangs, and are then usually shipped out of the country.

Incidents of poaching have also been reported. Three men have been found guilty at court of an offence of daytime trespass in pursuit of game in the Andover area. Each received a fine of £150, surcharge of £50 and costs of £85. If we want to tackle rural crime then we all need to work together by ensuring all incidents are reported, helping to ensure that the Police are able to target their resources efficiently.

Rogue Traders
The Police have had several reports of possible rogue traders touting door to door recently, particularly in relation to gardening and hedge trimming or tree surgery. If you have a caller who is aggressive or persistent please call the Police! Hampshire Trading Standards have a useful web page which lists reputable tradesmen:

Crime Alerts
Since the last meeting an alert was issued on the 14th August which was distributed in Monxton and posted on Monxton Matters. It covered the points summarised above together with advice on warm weather home security.


  • Bollards installed outside Monxton Manor
  • Village Gateways are on order Community Speedwatch is recruiting volunteers
  • Bollards to be installed on small green (Abbotts Ann Rd)
  • Application for TRO for 30mph speed limit extension
  • Request for scalpings at highways edges on Broad Road and Amport Road

Mr Ray Alborough spoke about the bollards that have been installed at Monxton Manor as there have been comments about parking. The project has yet to be finished a suitable coverage of the parking area needs to be agreed and the addition of a solid white line on the highway will further highlight the area and move traffic further into the centre of the road. Highways are waiting for the County Council’s contractor to complete the work. Traffic Regulation Orders were discussed, Mr Ray Alborough suggested that all changes to the speed limits are applied for on one Traffic Regulation Order.

The Chairman reported that the Alpine Group relocation to a new site is progressing. The Chairman thanked Mr Ray Alborough for coming to the meeting.

An up-date on the Web Site was given

Cllr David Bateman reported that there is still an ongoing problem with the road drains. The drains are blocked from Silver Birch Farm all the way to the village, these have been reported to Paul Walsh at Hampshire Highways and he has promised that they will be dealt with by the end of the week. Cllr D Bateman will monitor the situation.

There have been reported incidents of someone dumping grass cuttings in the Phil Hill Brook. Reports of Japanese Knot Weed being dumped have also been logged. Boat 11 has been cut but not its whole length. It has been reported that Hampshire County Council are 18 months behind with their footpath cutting programme.

Payments August and September 2014.
Mr Clive Hutchinson Grass Cutting                           £465.00
R.N. Waterman Wages – August (Standing Order) £200.00
R.N. Waterman Wages – September                          £200.00

ACCOUNTS – 1st April 2014 – 17th September 2014
Opening Balance BF = £5,574.65
Plus ½ precept          = £2,600.00
= £ 8,174.65

Wages                                 = £1200.00
Insurance                           = £388.45
Notice Boards                    = £133.30
Play Ground Inspection  = £65.40
Village Maintenance        = £1171.00
Dog Bins                             = £152.64
= £ 3,110.79


BALANCE IN BANK = £ 5,063.86

£1000.00 for Village Hall Refurbishment
£2000.00 for Traffic Calming
£1000.00 for Village Project/Maintenance

It was noted that the Agenda for this meeting had not been put on the Web Site, Cllr Sarah Dowding apologised this had been an oversight. The Agenda however was displayed on the three village notice boards. Questions were asked about the way the Parish Council Agenda is distributed around the Parish. This was discussed and it was agreed that those who are not on email will be sent a copy of the agenda through the post by the Clerk.

The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.

19th November 2014 in the Monxton Village Hall at 7.30pm

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