Monxton v Amport Soccer Match

From Marcus Tebbutt-Ford, Organiser.

soccerIt is that time of year already. We have had 12 months to dine out on our wonderful soccer win against Amport last year.  I was never sure how well received it might actually be when I came up with the idea but based on this message back from Amport Parish Council at the time, better than expected

“Congratulations on an excellent ‘fixture’ on Saturday – it was exactly the right sort of ‘community event’, full of amazing commitment from the players and great fun for the ‘crowd’….”

I have had a lot of requests concerning the return match in recent weeks and we decided that this year Amport would lay down the challenge to us. As you may have seen, this is now done and a date has been set for Saturday 12th March.

Expect the rules to stay much the same, that is two halves of twenty minutes, at least one female team member on the pitch at all times and rolling substitutions with the “third half” in the winning team’s pub.  No ringers.

So who has the wherewithal to give it another go? Who’s ready to put their balls on the line a second time? Ready to be shown up by their wife again? To manage the team from the sideline and coordinate a bunch of decrepit bar-flies into a mean-spleen winning machine once more? To stand shivering by the refreshments yelling words of vague encouragement & biting scorn? Willing to spend Monday wrapped in bandages and full of pain killers?

Please let me know your early thoughts on availability and here’s hoping that we can get a couple of practice kick-abouts before the day, much as we did last year.

The ‘Mucky Duckers’ have it all to lose and do not be under any false illusions – Amport are frothing at the mouth for revenge!

Please email Marcus at

PS – I understand from Michael and Rosie that not all jerseys were returned after the match last year.  Please could you dig through forgotten wash piles and garden rags so that we can ensure that all 2016 team members have the chance to play in the village colours once more.

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