Equinox Rocks Amport

On 29th September Amport Green was the stunning backdrop for an evening of dinner, music and dancing to raise money for the Monxton and Amport Village Hall fund.

Equinox Rocks was organised and run by a committee of 10 from Amport, Monxton, Fox Amport and Weyhill. A large, dressed and beautifully lit marquee hosted 25 tables of ten people from around the villages plus friends and family. Guests were invited to decorate their tables in the afternoon, returning at 7pm for drinks, dinner, an auction, music and dancing.

In advance of the event, guests were asked to come up with a decoration theme for their tables, to organise a picnic supper (hot or cold, simple or lavish – and we had it all!) and to find an outfit that would make them want to hit the dance floor. They did not disappoint! Table themes ranged from “All at Sea” which featured a hand-made model yacht as a centrepiece (Covill table) to “In the Pink” which took pinkness to a whole new level (Upjohn table) to “Happiest in Water” which had illuminated balloons reaching towards the ceiling, adorned with swimmers and dolphins (Staines table). Outfits included the classic, black tie and long dresses, and the outrageous – pink wigs,
sequinned jackets and boots that weren’t made for dancing!

Music for the evening opened with the dramatic Allegretto, played by professional violinist Sarah Mallock. Fellow musicians singer Renn Washington and DJ Kwame Knight then joined her, electrifying and filling dance floor for the remainder of the evening.

Funds were raised through a combination of the auction, £10 envelopes with prizes, Heads and Tails and the Equinox bar. An incredible £16, 270 was raised all of which will go towards the improvement of the Monxton and Amport village hall provision.

The Equinox Rocks and village hall committees would like to thank all of the people, guests and helpers, who contributed to the evening’s success, perfectly summed up by visiting singer, Renn: “I can’t believe the community spirit of this place….”

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