Stream Banks at Monxton Village Green- Note from Hugh Corroon

The eroded bank of Monxton Green has recently been restored using chestnut stakes, hazelwood branches and soil from downstream.  The bank restoration work replicates the work completed 6 years ago, which had deteriorated over time, and forms part of my riparian responsibility to maintain the bank and prevent erosion.  Hope everyone
enjoys it and please try to keep off the newly seeded soil.

4 comments on “Stream Banks at Monxton Village Green- Note from Hugh Corroon

  1. Sarah Dowding says:

    Well done Hugh and beautifully done. Thank you for improving Monxton Manor over the years – we enjoy the views.


  2. Mike Cleugh says:

    Hi Hugh, a great improvement and the narrowed stream will help speed up the flow and stop the river silting up……… Hope people stay off the bank until the grass is fully established


  3. Ian Morrison says:



  4. David Bateman says:

    How nice to see! Well done, it would be nice if more landowners took more care of their land!


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