Reporting dangerous road incidents in Hampshire

Hampshire Police has launched a scheme for all road users, including cyclists and horse riders, to submit footage of dangerous incidents via an online portal. This can be from a dash cam, head cam or other recording device that is being legally used.

The footage must meet the below criteria:

– It must be reported within seven days
– Should not be edited
– Should not have been deleted from your device
– Should not be shared on social media
– Needs to show between one to two minutes either side of the incident
– If it is from a collision, or an offence not listed in the criteria set out on the submission portal, then it will need to be reported by calling 101, or online via the Hampshire Police website.

Along with the footage, you will need to submit a witness statement and be required to answer some basic questions to support your statement.

Footage can be submitted by going to or via the Force website –











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