Planning Application for Abbotts Mead, Chalkpit Lane

15/00180/FULLN |Abbotts Mead, Chalkpit Lane, Monxton, Hampshire, SP11 8AS

Removal of existing boot room and erection of ground and first floor extensions and porch to existing dwelling; internal and external alterations; replacement 3 bay cartshed with external stairs; new access and parking area.

Click here for the full application and type in the reference number above.

The proposal includes a new access onto Abbotts Ann Road. The final date for Neighbour Consultation is Friday 20 February 2015. If you wish to make comment, please do so on the Test Valley website link above.

Langley Appeal – dimissed

The Planning Inspector came to visit Langley, Green Lane, Monxton on 3 February 2015 in response to the appeal for a new dwelling on the site.  The TVBC Planning Portal now shows that the appeal was dismissed. There have been five planning applications and the appeal over nearly four years.

See the Langley Decision Letter from The Planning Inspectorate.



Monxton Planning Applications

There are four new applications for Monxton. To see each in more detail please click here and type in the reference number below. You can also comment online should you wish.

  • 14/02180/TREEN: Barn Cottage, High Street, Monxton – Cut down 2 willows and 4 beech trees
  • 14/02234/LBWN: Monxton Manor – Application to regularise alterations and refurbishment to stable building, including installing door and window, re-instate chimney, internal alterations and construct sunken patio with retaining walls to the north to provide workshop and storage.
  • 14/02300/FULLN: Monxton Manor – Retention of alterations and refurbishment to stable building including installing door and window, re-instate chimney, internal alterations and construct sunken patio with retaining walls to the north to provide workshop and storage.
  • 14/02358/FULLN: Willow Glen, Monxton – First floor extension at ground floor level; new single car garage with storage area and alterations to fenestration and timber cladding

Alpine & Manor Farm Update

An update on the progress to secure sites for the relocation of Alpine and Penchard from their agent:

Despite a very thorough search, it was not possible to find existing buildings suitable for Alpine’s and Penchard’s businesses and it took an appreciable amount of time to find sites in an acceptable location which could be developed to provide the accommodation needed by both companies, particularly as the provider of those sites also has to be the purchaser of the Manor Farm site, once the companies have been relocated.

The companies are in the final stages of agreeing designs and specifications for the new buildings for Alpine and Penchard and they will then enter into negotiations to agree terms for the acquisition of the buildings and the sale of Manor Farm. Those negotiations should be concluded before Christmas and then the purchaser of Manor Farm will submit a planning application for the redevelopment of Manor Farm. That application should be determined by the middle of 2015 and, providing it is approved, the construction of the buildings for Alpine and Penchard should commence late summer and be completed by May/June 2016.

Nelsons Planning Application – operating hours (refused)

Application by Nelson Plant Hire Ltd: Variation of condition 3 (operating hours) of planning permission 11/02569/CMAN at Nelson Recycling, Homestead Farm, Weyhill Road, Penton Corner Andover SP11 0QX (application number 14/01527/CMAN)

The Regulatory Committee refused the above application. For any further queries about the case please contact Kristina King on


Nelsons Lorries – working hours extensions

Nelson Plant Hire Application No: 14/01527/CMAN

VARIATION OF CONDITION 3 (operating hours) of planning permission 11/02569/CMAN for an increase in hours to start from 6am to 6pm to include Saturdays and between 6am to 1pm on Bank Holidays.

The deadline for comments is now 1st August 2014 to Hampshire County Council (not TVBC).

This planning application has been deferred from the 16th July 2014 Regulatory Committee and it will now be considered at the 17th September 2014 Regulatory Committee.

If you wish to comment details are on  You can do so by email to  and copy to the case officer, Kristina King at or in writing to her at:

County Planning
Economy, Transport and Environment
Hampshire County Council
Elizabeth II Court West
Hampshire SO23 8UD

Do also copy in Cllr Pat West ( and Cllr Ben Few-Brown (, if you wish.

We have compiled a template letter for everyone to use. Please download the Letter of Objection Nelsons Operating hours and add you own comments if you wish. Don’t forget to add your own name and address to the letter too!


Access Bridge at Upper Mill House

Retrospective Planning Application for the construction of an access bridge across the Pillhill Brook at Upper Mill House.  Application No: 13/01556/FULLN

The TVBC Northern Area Planning Committee met on 15th April 2014 to consider this application and concluded that this development does not impact adversely on the character and appearance of the surrounding area, flooding or ecology, and in these respects complies with the relevant policies of the Test Valley Borough Local Plan.

Therefore permission was granted.  The decision notice and plan may be viewed on the Council’s website at