Nelsons Lorries – working hours extensions

Nelson Plant Hire Application No: 14/01527/CMAN

VARIATION OF CONDITION 3 (operating hours) of planning permission 11/02569/CMAN for an increase in hours to start from 6am to 6pm to include Saturdays and between 6am to 1pm on Bank Holidays.

The deadline for comments is now 1st August 2014 to Hampshire County Council (not TVBC).

This planning application has been deferred from the 16th July 2014 Regulatory Committee and it will now be considered at the 17th September 2014 Regulatory Committee.

If you wish to comment details are on  You can do so by email to  and copy to the case officer, Kristina King at or in writing to her at:

County Planning
Economy, Transport and Environment
Hampshire County Council
Elizabeth II Court West
Hampshire SO23 8UD

Do also copy in Cllr Pat West ( and Cllr Ben Few-Brown (, if you wish.

We have compiled a template letter for everyone to use. Please download the Letter of Objection Nelsons Operating hours and add you own comments if you wish. Don’t forget to add your own name and address to the letter too!


Vehicle collision

There was a collision this afternoon between Cambridge Cottage and Little Thatch, between a Volvo and one of the Nelsons Lorries. The Volvo came off worst, as was to be expected. It is not yet known who’s at fault but all villagers will know that this is a pinch point that sees a lot of ‘near misses’. The accident occurred between 17.30 and 17.50 on Monday 23rd June.20140623

Village Gateways

The Traffic Steering Group has looked at various methods for traffic calming in Monxton and among the variety of ideas have been Village Gateways.

Gateways are used to indicate to drivers where the road changes character, for example at the start of a traffic calming scheme or at the entry to a village to create the first impressions of the village. Gateways are not a width restriction and must allow access to any vehicle entitled to use the road. Research conducted by the Department for Transport suggests that gateways can be effective particularly when combined with proven speed reducing measures. The gateways complement other speed-reducing measure.

We have had confirmation from both HCC and TVBC that Monxton can have Village Gateways and that the cost will not be borne by taxpayers, but come from other sources, such as the Goodman barred routes fine money.

We propose the Village Gateways in the following locations at or near the current Monxton village signs, but the exact location will be decided by Highways once a design has been chosen:
Monxton/Andover Road
Green Lane
Broad Road
Abbotts Ann Road

We feel the boundary on Amport Road is too small for a gateway.

We have shortlisted the following designs and we would like parishoners to choose which is the preferred style. We also hope to install bespoke village signs (similar to those in Abbotts Ann) for Monxton at the same time.





Nelson Lorries

Far more fully loaded Nelson Lorries are coming through Monxton again– from the direction of Andover although they are also going via Quarley too.  In addition lorries with no attribution on either the cab or tipper, that on the rear claim to be Highways Maintenance, are also now coming throughout the village – from Andover fully loaded normally with soil.

Wednesday 19th March Nelson ‘serial’ offenders are: GN 54 KYV White Cab and Blue tipper; and the much larger CN 04 KNK White Cab and high sided green tipper.  Both of these vehicles have, on Wednesday, made multiple journeys through the village, loaded and unloaded.  Indeed when the driver of the former was spoken to at the Chalkpit Lane junction he denied any knowledge of the voluntary route restrictions upon Nelson vehicles.

Nelson Lorry hits vehicle in High Street

On Wednesday 12 March a vehicle, belonging to a resident on the High Street, was hit by a Nelson lorry, breaking off the back of the wing mirror.

The driver of the lorry was aware he had done this, as he watched the part hit the ground, but chose to drive off rather than stop. The resident fortunately saw all this happen & gave chase. The driver refused to stop, in spite of lights being flashed & horn sounded. It was only when the lorry was reversing in to an entrance & the resident blocked his way, that he was able to speak to the lorry driver. The driver was apparently ‘less than polite’ & tried to deny the incident, but then blamed the Monxton resident, even though he was in the house at the time and the van was parked correctly & legally on the road. Previously, three other HGVs had passed without a problem.

Accidents happen but to drive off is out of order. This lorry has been going back & forth continually for the past few days, full & empty making a mockery of the promised agreement to use a one-way system, using Monxton just for exiting the site with empty lorries.

Lorries and Co-Op

Monxton Parish Council has recently had two meetings with Co-Op and TVBC/HCC and we are working together to stop the negative impact of lorries through our village.

Various Monxton residents have spoken to lorry drivers who appear to be lost or trying to turn around. This has shown that many suppliers still held the old address for the Co-Op, which mentions Monxton Road and also calls the building a CDC or RDC (Composite or Regional Distribution Centre) and omitted the phrase ‘Andover Business Park’. MPC has reported this to the Co-Op. MPC also suggested that the directions given to drivers were not as clear as they could be and suggested adding photographs of the site itself and the road signs at the relevant exits on the A303.

So MPC has requested that the following is now being implemented as soon as possible:


  • Issue a statement to all suppliers to strongly remind them to update their databases with the accurate and up to date address for the CDC at the Andover Business Park, mentioning the words ‘Co-Operative’ and ‘Andover Business Park’, and excluding anything saying Monxton.
  • Create new directions for HGV drivers which will include photos of the Co-Op CDC, and road signs on the approach of the slip roads and roundabout, and be easily understandable with fewer language barriers.


  • To improve the signs at the entrance to and around the Andover Business Park


  • To improve the road signs and road markings leading to the Andover Business Park, and discouraging routes down Monxton Road
  • Add a new sign at the top of the west-bound slip road showing Monxton to left, Business Park straight on, and town centre to the right (or similar) and road markings
  • Add Andover Business Park signs in Collingbourne Ducis to route via Tidworth & A303
  • Ensure ABP is well signed from the east-bound A303, and ensure exit at prior junctions is dissuaded (so no routing via E. Cholderton, Quarley or Amport)
  • Ensure all the approach roads from the A303/A343 etc that could possibly pass through Monxton have the correct signs to dissuade HGVs
  • Add to the ‘No HGV’ signs leading down towards Monxton, possibly at the roundabout by the Army HQ
  • Move the ‘No HGV’ sign currently situated after the railway bridge to BEFORE the bridge and traffic lights

Lost lorry – again

Apparently there was a bit of a language problem (Romanian) but the resident was left with impression that they were looking for the Business Park. It appears to be yet another case of a driver blindly following satnav. 

Romanian lorry apparently heading for the Business Park

Romanian lorry apparently heading for the Business Park

Queued traffic waiting for the lorry to turn around

Queued traffic waiting for the lorry to turn around

Traffic Monday 4 November

Monday 4 November saw a degree of traffic chaos in the High Street.

Firstly the constant, two-way flow of large Nelson lorries.  The flow is continuous and is at peak time disrupting the flow of traffic – particularly in the area of the Pub/Murray Cottage.

Secondly at 16.10 today a large 55-seater coach, owned by Clegg & Brooking (VRN: N583 GBW) also brought traffic to a stand still. This is regular run and the coach is always empty so why come through the village?  Clegg & Brooking operate from the petrol station on the Salisbury Road at Middle Wallop Airfield.

Thirdly a large container with RTS on the side (VRN: OSR 8847). Traffic grid lock, again, back beyond traffic calming on Andover Road.

In all incidents traffic was stopped and forced to use Chalk Pit Lane.

A formal request has been made for Nelson lorries to work a one-way system with empty lorries coming through Monxton, which will mean slightly less vibration due to lighter lorries.

More lorries

This evening at 17.30 on Tuesday 19 November a large lorry came trough the village, heading towards Andover, and scraped the Black Swan pub sign.

Last week (Tuesday 12 November) at about 21.00 a DHL yellow lorry was helped to reverse from the Black Swan pub into Chalkpit Lane. This took about 20 minutes and stopped the traffic. The driver was written a note to give to the person in charge at the Co-op but no phone call or correspondence has been received.