Church Services

St Mary’s, Monxton Church Services:                 

Church Services during January 2022

Sunday 2nd Jan             

10.00am Grateley        Holy Communion         Rev Matthew Grayshon

10.30am SMWA            Morning Worship         Martin Watt

 Sunday 9th Jan

11.00am Monxton      Morning Worship        John Searles

11.00am Amport          Holy Communion         Rev Matthew Grayshon

6.00pm Quarley           Evensong                      Rev Christopher Walker

 Sunday 16th Jan

10.00am Grateley        Morning Worship         Marilyn Childs

10.30am SMWA           Holy Communion         Rev Andy Edmeads

Sunday 23rd Jan

09.30am Quarley         Holy Communion         Rev Matthew Grayshon

11.00am Monxton      Holy Communion        Rev Malcolm Freeman

4.00pm Amport           Evensong                        Geoff Wortley

Sunday 30th Jan

6.00pm Amport           Evensong                        Geoff Wortley

6.00pm Quarley           Great Lives                      Rev Christopher Walker

SMWA – St Michaels West Andover





Getting hold of the Clergy:
Team Rector: Vacancy
Team Vicar: Vacancy
Associate Priest: Revd Matthew Grayshon (01264 502175/ 07960 299434)
Licensed Lay Minister: Geoff Wortley (01264 889426)
There is also a clergy mobile number (07790 998646) for calls or texts.

For baptisms and weddings please contact the team administrator Dawn Dearden on 07495 085906 or email