Classified Ads

Do you want to sell, buy, or give something away to a good home..?
Send us the details and we will post your advertisement here for free.
Make sure you let us know:

  • A description of what you’re offering, or what you’re looking for
  • The price, or ‘free’
  • The phone number or email address that you’d like people to contact you on (Note: this will be published on the website)

If this part of the website takes off, we can make it possible for  villagers to post advertisements directly. In the meantime, send the details via email here>

For Sale:

Nothing advertised at the current time

3 comments on “Classified Ads

  1. mike says:

    In response to your article – My Eco Home – We here at offer the best prices on GU10 Bulbs , Buying just 10 of these A+ energy rated bulbs could save you £12.29 a month on your electricity bill. Thought your readers would be interested to know. kind regards.


    • Jason says:

      Found another great LED lighting site with some fantastic prices have purchased quite a few LED lamps off them in the past without any issues to date. The GU10 LED bulbs were amazing, check them out


  2. Pete weston says:

    Free trampoline. Plenty of life left but the netting surround needs some TLC. Contact Pete 07776237838


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