Traffic Monitoring

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Traffic through the village continues to be a major community issue. The size, speed and sheer number of vehicles gives us all serious concern for safety, as well as causing delays and disruption.

In some cases homes and property are being damaged by trucks that are too large for our small village roads, originally designed for horses and carts.

Submitting Your Reports

Lorry movements in Monxton:
The Parish Council have received more emails from villagers advising that Nelsons lorries have started coming the village again this week after a relatively quiet Christmas period (2015/6).
Can all villagers please make a note of the lorries coming through the village, including the following information if possible.

1. Date and time.
2. Direction of travel – i.e. towards Andover or towards Grateley.
3. Empty of full and if possible type of material.
4. Registration details, even partial.

If villagers do feel that there is information that may assist the Environment Agency then we would request that they email the name of any alleged offenders, and the name of any alleged site or venue where illegal activity may be taking place.  The request for specific information as you have detailed will still be relevant, i.e. time, date, registration etc.  In reporting information individuals can choose to remain anonymous.  The information will then be passed to the EA.

The Environment Agency understands the concerns of Monxton villagers, but their first priority must be the safety of those individuals.

As part of our campaign to combat the problem we need to build a base of evidence about vehicle movements, especially large lorries & trucks. And, if they do cause damage or commit a traffic infringement, catch them in the act!


Pictures of any commercial vehicles submitted by parishioners will be published on this page. Villagers can add their own comments to the pictures, allowing us to build a picture of their direction of travel and likely destination.

Note: Trucks for the Co-Op Distribution Centre that are mis-routed through Monxton are subject to a £500 fine per incident. It is important that we reconcile the number of vehicles that are caught on TVBC’s cameras with the number that we spot entering the village.

You can submit your reports – including pictures or videos – to the the special traffic email address

Please include:

  • Date & time of sighting
  • Direction of travel
  • Registration number
  • Company name or any logos on the vehicle
  • A picture or video

Any pictures will be published on the website. All details will be logged by Monxton Parish Council.

Heavy Goods Vehicles Gallery

You can view pictures of commercial vehicles using the village and make your comments here>

2 comments on “Traffic Monitoring

  1. Vernon White says:

    Today at 07.30 very large lorry coming down Wiremead Lane towards Amport ,
    Steve Woolston &Sons of Alresford vehicle .
    What is it doing here on a lane with sign that says Not suitable for large vehicles ,
    Where was it going ?
    One of many, 2 weeks ago a six axle lorry went by, humungous !
    Property , verges & private drives now being damaged .
    This is posted on 15 March 2016


    • Even if a road is designated as Unsuitable for Large Vehicles, if the vehicle in question has a destination on that road or that road leads to the destination, the vehicle is legally allowed on the road. It may be ‘unsuitable’ but it doesn’t mean barred. For examples, tractors, removal lorries and rubbish lorries are all large vehicles, but they come into our villages.

      However, the zone between the A303 and A343 has a 6’6″ width restriction on it meaning that vehicles over that size cannot use our lanes as a cut through. In practice this is difficult to enforce unless the Police are on every lane 24/7. We suggest you contact the company in question and ask their lorries not to travel through East Cholderton. You can also take photos of the vehicles and send them to the companies in question and ask for damage compensation perhaps? It works with some companies, but not all. Alternatively, ask Amport Parish Council their views, as Wiremead Lane doesn’t fall under Monxton Parish.


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