St Mary’s Church

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St Mary's Monxton

Tucked away among trees by Pill Hill Brook, St Mary’s Church, with its shingle-faced belfry and broach spire perched on the gable, was rebuilt in early Victorian times. It typifies the many small churches to be found in the Hampshire villages. The church is accessed through the wooden memorial gates opposite the village hall, then along the path. The church not really visible from any road in Monxton.

The present parish church was built of flint in 1853 to a design by Henry Woodyer (1816-1896) who specialised in English Gothic revival architecture. It was erected over the site of the earlier medieval parish church and incorporates the two pillars and their capitals (c.1200) which had supported the chancel arch in the old church.


It is a simple village church with a steeply-roofed nave, a chancel and sanctuary within, while outside there is a good porch and a west end bell-cote which Pevsner described correctly as ‘somewhat overhanging’. Around St. Mary’s the large churchyard is still open for burials; the memorials include several table-tombs – and the observant visitor will be able to spot ‘1852’ on the headings of five drainpipes.

Who’s Who in the Church?

Team Rector: Vacancy
Team Vicar: Vacancy 
Assoc Priest: Rev Matthew Grayshon 07960299434 
Church Warden: Vacancy

Amport Church Choir – Practice: Thursday evenings at 7.15pm
Choir Mistress and Organist: Maureen Peck – 01264 772658
Amport Bell-Ringing – Practice: Friday evenings at 7.30pm
Captain of the Tower: Martin Routh
Ringing Master: Colin Hares – 01264 710098