Highways & Byways

Pot Holes & Damage to Roads

If you see any potholes or road damage then please report it directly to Hampshire County Council, via their website

3 comments on “Highways & Byways

  1. John Chaffey says:

    I cannot believe it driving through the Army camp yesterday, JUST ONE pothole has bean filled in?


  2. D j s a withers says:

    Can some one please get the path cut from sunnybank to the a303 and beyond.it is waist high and very dangerous to walk along.probley the miserable farmers job that is why.


  3. Drage says:

    In the High Street, outside Murray Cottage, there appears to be the beginnings of subsidence in the centre of the carriageway immediately adjacent to the triangular (sewer) manhole. Indeed this could/might possibly be the start of collapse in the main sewer. I have, today (29Nov16), reported this incident to Southern Water(SW); the Reference Number for the incident is: 3732574. And an engineer will inspect the site by 06 Dec 16. I have asked SW that if this is indeed a collapse/subsidence in, or to the sewer, could they inform the Parish Council of what they believe to be the cause – e.g heavy (weight) traffic etc.


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