Monxton is a Conservation Area with many listed buildings in the parish. It is noted for being one of the prettiest villages in the area and we’d all like to keep it that way. However, we also appreciate that it is a living village, and properties will always be renovated, repaired and extended (where permissable), and new properties may be constructed (where permissable).

Village Design Statement

The Village Design Statement was put together in 2004 to capture the essential character of Monxton to be used as a reference point for future planning and development. Download it here

It is also available as a 2-Page Spread for printing.

Test Valley Borough Local Plan

Current Planning Applications in, or affecting, Monxton (2017)

Click here to see the planning application and then type in the reference number shown

  • 17/01456/FULLN: Small-scale domestic solar panel installation in field adjacent Rectory Cottage – Rectory Cottage, Amport Road, Monxton
  • 17/01144/FULLN: Construction of a 2-storey four-bedroom house with an attached garage – Land Rear Of Corner Cottage, Amport Road, Monxton (permission)
  • 17/00043/OUTN: Outline – Erection of up to 61,369sqm of class B1C (light Industrial), B2 (General Industrial), B8 (Storage and Distribution) business park buildings, access, servicing, parking and landscaping; access not reserved – Plot 5 Andover Business Park, Pioneer Road, Andover.
    The Parish Council will look at the plans in detail before making comment.
  • 17/00030/TREEN: Fell to ground level – Leaning Cypress. Weeping willow – Reduce height to major fork and balance crown – Brookside, Monxton. (No objection)
  • 16/01512/OBLN: Andover Business Park, Monxton Road, Andover – Modify the planning obligation associated with Planning Permission 09/02392/OUTN by removal of Part II of Schedule 6 regarding HCV Traffic Demand Management systems. (pending)

Read the latest planning news here

One comment on “Planning

  1. Cllr Judith Balding says:

    Nelson Lorries Application No: 14/01527/CMAN
    VARIATION OF CONDITION 3 (operating hours) of planning permission 11/02569/CMAN for an increase in hours to start from 6am to 6pm to include Saturdays and between 6am to 1pm on Bank Holidays.

    Please add your comments to the Test Valley Borough Council planning website as soon as possible. The consultation date closes on 17 July 2014.


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