Speed Limits

20-mph-signMonxton village is currently a 30mph speed limit area. However, Monxton is proposing to have one of the first 20mph speed limits in a village, along the high street..

This policy is so new that when MPC met the TVBC/HCC Traffic team a couple of weeks ago, the policy was not yet finalised or available to view either in paper or the website and as of today is still not published. These 20mph schemes are in a early stage of development and Monxton will almost certainly one of the first villages to have this implemented if we pass the criteria.

The survey will use the existing 30mph posts in the village at both ends and the middle. This will allow the speed to be measured bi-directionally, at three points. If the average speed is with an 85th percentile of 20mph a pilot scheme may be implemented.

MPC will publish more details as soon as we have an update from TVBC.

3 comments on “Speed Limits

  1. Marcus Tebbutt-Ford says:

    Please note the 20 MPH signs by Little Thatch have been deliberately torn down and thrown in the hedgerow. Anyone hearing anything, please let me have names and addresses and I shall deal with it. In meantime I have replaced them and am setting up discrete internet video monitoring to see if they come back. Thanks


    • I am very sorry to hear that Marcus, especially as those signs have been up for ages, and are nothing to do with the village requesting a 20mph zone. Thank you for letting us know. Sarah (MPC)


  2. Paul Bench says:

    Can you let me know what happened to the proposed 20mph speed limit for Monxton High Street, please, we are new to the village and have noticed the proposal on the Monxton website but are unsure the date of the report and if it’s still being pursued as a proposal.


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