Monxton Traffic Calming Measures

The Monxton Traffic Steering Group have now had two meetings. Our first meeting was to brainstorm a variety of ideas and suggestions. Our second meeting was to take the most important and achievable ideas and put them on a map for TVBC to implement. Some of the suggestions will take 8-12 weeks to implement, so we hope to have some improvements in the village by Christmas. Other suggestions, such as speed limits, require a Traffic Regulation Order which will take a couple of years.

To see the map of ideas please click the link below:

Monxton Traffic Calming Measures

The measures we hope (not guaranteed) to introduce are:

  • Extend the 30mph limits on Green Lane and Broad Road
  • Introduce a 40mph limit approaching Monxton from Grateley, from about the cricket pavilion
  • Add village ‘entrance gates’ (design TBC) on all roads into the village
  • Horse & rider signs on Broad Road
  • Introducing a 40mph speed limit along Broad Road, at least to the railway bridge
  • ‘Slow’ road markings painted on the roads in suitable locations
  • Signs to mark sharp corners at the Broad Road railway bridge and by Monxton Manor
  • White lines to visually ‘narrow’ the road in some locations
  • ‘Unsuitable for Long Vehicles’ sign at the entrance to Chalkpit Lane from the High Street end
  • ‘Unsuitable for HGV’ signs at the traffic lights and the Army HQ roundabout
  • Aim to have a 20mph speed limit along the High Street



2 comments on “Monxton Traffic Calming Measures

  1. John Chaffey says:

    At the EGM Test Valley Council were asked about enhancing the “Not suitable for lorries sign” with a reflective/noticeable lager background behind the current sign. Is there any indication when this is to be implemented? We are still getting lorries turning at Sunnybank that are bound for the business park. There was one turning at the Traffic lights on Red Post Bridge 3 weeks ago to go back up the road!!


  2. John Chaffey says:

    The traffic calming ideas look brilliant, but I can only see all the signs working if there is regularity of the hedges etc; being maintained so drivers can see the new and old signs. At present the only hedge that has been done around the signs at Sunnybank is by me with my husband. Dot Chaffey


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