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Monxton Parish Council and the recently-formed Traffic Steering Group have been discussing the idea of having a Speed Indicator Device or Display (SID) (also known as Vehicle Activated Signs) in Monxton.  These are LED signs that flash up for drivers exceeding the speed limit and may be a useful tool in Monxton to help curb the problem of excess speeds in the village.

MPC would like to know whether or not residents would like to see one of these signs in the village or parish. The signs can either just flash up to anyone exceeding the speed limit, or can tell drivers their exact speed. Some SIDs can also log the speed of all vehicles that pass and this information can be downloaded and used to document traffic speeds and volumes, although these versions are more expensive.

It would be mobile and moved to different sites (exact locations TBC) within the village. This would hopefully optimise effectiveness and also try and ensure that there was no complacency among drivers. It would enable the traffic speed and volume to be logged at each site and we could work out which location had the most issues and where the sign was most effective at slowing traffic.

The cost of the SID is quite significant and will be approximately 20% of MPC’s total funds (or about 50% of the annual budget). The exact cost is to be confirmed depending on the make and model of SID. There may well also be some grant money available towards the purchase. But at this stage we would like to know whether or not you think the concept is a good idea.

Please add any comments below.

11 comments on “Speed Indicator Device

  1. Peter Parfrey says:

    I think that the SID on its own would only be effective with those drivers who care at all,(polite wording).
    I believe the position of the regular speed traps is actually counter productive to speeding where it is most dangerous eg along the whole of the high street and particularly past the crossroads towards Grateley.
    I understand the police are unable to monitor the most dangerous locations, and therefore a SID with the ability to log information and take readings at appropriate points, (which HCC have never done properly),
    would be a valuable asset in our efforts to make the village safe


  2. Paul Richards says:

    Before deciding. It would be nice to see if there is any evidence as to the effectiveness of any of these devices. There are enough already in use around this area, so there should be some evidence……if only anecdotal, from sources other than the suppliers! Ray Alborough may be a good point of contact.


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    • mikecleugh says:

      Hi Paul,

      Please take a look at this report from TFL. The results shows a decline in effectiveness after 2-3 weeks. MPC is minded to have a device, which records the details of traffic as well as providing an indication of speed as a deterrent. Please see link to the document. While this is based on a London based research project, the human reactions are potentially going to be the same, i.e. short lived. http://www.tfl.gov.uk/assets/downloads/effectiveness-of-sids.pdf


  3. maggie1410 says:

    As the money that will be used for this is for the benefit of every resident in this village, one hopes that every resident will have the opportunity to voice their opinions, unlike the vote regarding the bollards where it was only the small percentage of people on the Monxton matters data base. It is vital that the whole village is involved when considering spending this amount of the yearly budget. As for how affective this equipment would be, I agree that more evidence should be sought. I suspect that the results may be short lived, once people realise that there is no punishment, they will continue speeding.


    • We now have email addresses for over 60% of Monxton residents (and that rises to more than 75% of the village centre – ie excluding Sunnybank and Prospect) and that is precisely why we are having a poll on the CONCEPT of a Speed Indicator Device. It’s not a done deal and we have some research to do. We know that a SID loses effectiveness after 3 weeks in a single location which is why we are looking at one that can be moved.
      Punishment isn’t always the answer. Many speeders don’t intend to do so, but their speed creeps up. I believe many people are capable of self-policing, but they might need a nudge in the right direction.


    • Peter Parfrey says:

      My recollection, (supported by a quick look back at the minutes), is that the notion of having bollards around the green and other areas was raised at the EGM held earlier this year, specifically called to discuss traffic issues, and very well attended by village residents.
      The minutes also show that that public meeting overwhelmingly supported the idea, along with the formation of a traffic steering group to implement this and other suggestions. As far as I am aware no one who took the trouble put themselves forward was excluded from this group.
      The online survey was merely to decide the relatively minor issue of what style should be used, as HCC had already indicated that the cost of the various options was broadly similar, and the group felt it would be the quickest way to move the issue forward


  4. maggie1410 says:

    As indicated in M Cleugh comment it would seem that the effectiveness of this device is short lived & once seen to have no come back is mostly ignored. Peter my comment is directed purely at the exclusion of many residents by doing these polls exclusively online. What happens in this village should, without question, include every resident and not just those who have access to the internet or have heard of Monxton matters
    and even based on the figures given above that leaves 25% of the area most affected by the traffic problem excluded.


    • Peter Parfrey says:

      I too have some doubts about the long term effectiveness of the device Maggie.
      My point to you was that every resident has the opportunity to attend Parish Council meetings, or write to the clerk to have their views considered at the meeting. In my experience over the past 22 years any council member will also take forward individual views on a more informal basis, either in person or by phone. It is therefore inaccurate to say that anyone is excluded, implying that people are shut out of the process.
      There has to be some responsibility on the part of the individual to make their own views known through the many channels available, even better get involved.
      What happens in the village is largely dictated by TVBC and HCC members ,(eg Industrial Megasheds on greenfield sites, DLO expansion, HGV traffic, Fracking license? etc), , and support for those few who put in a huge amount of work over a long period of time on these issues has been less than overwhelming .
      Of course everybody should have a say, but it is not always practical, (or cost effective), to physically survey every resident on every small detail. In the case of traffic issues, that is why the Traffic group was set up, at the request of villagers themselves to move matters forward.
      As far as I am aware not a single step has been taken as the sole result of of an “exclusive” online poll.


      • maggie1410 says:

        Peter you are correct that there are many ways people can voice their views, unfortunately, they have to know about it to be able to do this & when something is exclusively held on line, those not on the database & those not online are excluded. That is what I am trying to highlight. When the steering group produced the map showing their suggestions, members of that group said that the whole village should see it & be able to comment on it, this also didn’t happen. There are many people who would be willing to post leaflets in their area of the village then at least everyone has the opportunity to vote. I believe in this instance that we should be given far more details so that we can make a better informed decision.
        Just from a point of fact the traffic steering was in fact suggested by Sir George Young & the design of the bollards was decided exclusively on line though I acknowledge that was not a major issue.


  5. Peter Parfrey says:

    This will be my final post on this matter, as it seems we are in danger of diverting attention from the original purpose of the thread.
    You agree that there there are many ways people can express a view, and go on to say they are excluded if they are not online.I am not sure exactly how many residents are unaware of the existence of the Parish Council.
    The map was presented to the Parish Council Meeting and displayed on the wall of the Village hall. It was also made available online
    Your”point of fact ” comment confirms exactly what I said in my first post ie that the idea of marker posts was raised at the meeting, and overwhelmingly supported by those present, the online survey was about detail only.
    There are many issues which need constructive discussion,and/ or a quick response and are not simply a case of,”putting it to the vote”. That is why powers are delegated and committees are set up.
    When the Traffic group was originally set up representatives were invited from from all areas of the village, and were tasked with gathering opinion from residents in their own part of the village area, in order to make recommendations to the Parish Council
    I am sure Sarah would appreciate a list of those willing to distribute information throughout the village, so that when the situation arises we are able to consult without too much delay.


  6. John Chaffey says:

    I have read with interest the comments on the traffic calming and the possibility that some parishioners not on the internet could be excluded from the information, I think parishioners could assist the parish Council by doing drops of the relevant paperwork.
    Do we have any volunteers?
    I am willing to do drops to all houses regarding the traffic calming in the Sunnybank area if someone supplies me with the paperwork. There are 31 houses/bungalows. This is only Monxton residents not the houses that fall in the Abbotts Ann Parish but if you wish for their views as well that would be another 9 houses plus the 6 in Red Post lane.


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