Litter in Monxton

This afternoon we walked along Broad Road collecting rubbish. We had only walked from the railway bridge to Pegasus Riding School before our bags were full. We had one bag for general rubbish (top of photo) and another, larger bag for cans and plastics, so they can be recycled.

All this just from a few hundred metres. It’s virtually all Tenants lager cans, so probably just one or two low-life scumbags who think they can litter freely. Disgusting.

We shall be out again tomorrow to finish off in Broad Road. But it would be lovely if any other villagers fancy combining a walk with some civic duty and litter pick around our parishes.

If only we could name and shame the perpetrators! If you do see anyone throwing litter (anywhere, not just Monxton) please report it in the comments section and to TVBC.



Section 87 and 88 of the Environmental Protection Act (1990) states that if a person drops, throws, deposits or leaves anything so as to cause defacement in any land open to the air, they could be committing a littering offence. Litter includes all smoking, drinking and food related waste including cigarette butts and chewing gum.

Test Valley Borough Council has a zero tolerance approach to littering.

The Environmental Service Enforcement Team patrol throughout the whole Borough and will issue a Fixed Penalty Notice to anyone caught littering.

The Fixed Penalty Notice is £80 (or £50 if paid within 7 days).

Failure to pay will result in prosecution which may lead to a fine of up to £2500.

9 comments on “Litter in Monxton

  1. We have just collected another two large bin liners of litter walking between Sunnybank and Lilac Cottage. Most of it was around the lay-by. It’s so depressing that some people feel they can just throw rubbish anywhere. Please do report it to the Police if you see anyone throwing litter.


  2. Adrian Drage says:

    I think we all owe Nick and Sarah a huge ‘thank you’ for what they have done last weekend – they have reminded us all that we need to invest time and effort in our Village. Perhaps an exercise such as this might form part of a resurrected annual Village Clean-up that in the past has been rather confined to the High Street. But, to be successful, such an event does require the active support of the many and not just the few.


  3. Manuela. says:

    Very well done for doing this in your village… Manuela ……


  4. Susan McCausland says:

    Yes, thank you very much Nick and Sarah. I had noticed the lay by getting worse and worse.
    Adrian, as you say we used to have village clean ups and it would be a good idea to start them up again. Lots of volunteers outside the village hall with bin bags and gloves provided. Maybe the Black Swan could be prevailed upon to supply bacon rolls when it’s all over.


  5. Jennifer Richards has kindly collected litter from top two fields (towards Abbotts Ann) and Clive very kindly offered to get rid of an oil can.
    Green Lane is still to be done – any volunteers please?


  6. Not 72 hours since collecting litter on Broad Road and I have just been able to nearly fill another big black bin liner from the same location. Depressing doesn’t even cover how I feel right now. We need to catch these horrible, anti-social and disgusting people.


  7. Manuela says:

    Please do not be discouraged. Yes it is depressing and thankless and at times you will wonder why you bother… I should know, I did this for six long years. When I got down, I use to draw strength from the fact that I made a difference. As you yourself have too.
    Hope this helps… (Y) Manuela…


  8. Manuela says:

    I’ve had this discussion with politicians in London ,with Keep Britain Tidy, in the press, on the radio, I have made five videos which can be seen on Utube, and indeed in all the schools that I talk in. If low level anti behaviour like littering, is condoned accepted and then ignored, it naturally follows that low level crime, will be the next possible deterioration, of peoples habits. You first have to stamp out littering, as totally unacceptable behaviour, so that other more serious crimes do not have a chance to get a hold … Manuela…


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