Parish Council Minutes – 19 November 2014

Minutes of the Monxton Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 19th November 2014 in the Monxton Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Present: Cllr Mike Cleugh – Chairman, Cllr Judith Balding, Cllr Adrian Drage, Cllr David Bateman, Richard Waterman – Parish Clerk, Members of the Public – 18, County Councillor Mrs P West, County Councillor Mr T Hooke
Apologies : Cllr Sarah Dowding – Vice Chairman and Borough Councillor Mr B Few-Brown.

WELCOME – Cllr Mike Cleugh welcomed everyone to the meeting.

DECLARATION OF INTEREST – There were no declarations of interest recorded

The Chairman signed the minutes of the September meeting as a true record.

Mr Brian Carre booked a slot under Planning to address the Parish Council.


1. Willow Glen Planning Application 14102358/FULLN – First floor extension; small infill extension at ground floor level; new single car garage with storage area and alterations to fenestration and timber cladding. Erection of 1.8 metre high wooden entrance gates and single storey extension to outbuilding in rear garden.


Mr Aidan Jackson the applicant addressed the meeting and reported that he had taken on board the Parish Council’s objections and reported on the amended plans.

Mr and Mrs Jackson have been consulting with their neighbour who has no objections to the planning application. The Parish Council will study the new plans and make comment within the appropriate time frame.

2. Issues with lorries going to dump Rubble at Foxs Wood Georgia Lane. Update from TVBC, HCC and feedback from Forestry Commission.


County Councillors Pat West and Tony Hooke have been working together on the issue of Fox Farm and reported at length on their progress.


The Chairman reported that he had invited Paul Jackson, the head of Planning to the meeting. Paul Jackson declined the invitation but sent the following response :-


To set out the background in this case, the Local Planning Authority (LPA) has not granted a planning permission for the land owner to create tracks. It has determined a prior notification application and approved details (ref 13/00703/FODN) for the `reinstatement of damaged and compacted tracks’. What this means is that the Local Planning Authority (LPA) confirmed the works are considered to be ‘permitted development’ by virtue of the Town and Country (Permitted Development Order) 1995 (as amended) Part 7. As such the conditions that were attached to this approval have since been found to be unenforceable. This is due to the fact that they should never have been placed on the approval in the first instance. Unfortunately as LPA, we where unaware of this at the time the approval was granted. Whilst I appreciate this has given unrealistic expectations to the many interested parties, we are unable to take any action with regard to the conditions.


The investigation into the alleged importation, storage and spreading of materials is ongoing. The contractor and Landowner have been advised that this material must be removed by a given date, failure of which is likely to result in enforcement action being commenced. My officers are also discussing this with other agencies so that they are aware of what Test Valley Borough Council is doing in this regard. To date I can confirm that the removal of these materials has commenced and can confirm that this is not at the expense of Test Valley Borough Council.


I am aware that Hampshire County Council Waste & Minerals Enforcement Team are currently looking into the matter of the pile of rubble and other materials seen in the woodlands, and further meetings to include site meetings will continue to ensure the removal of all unauthorised material are satisfactorily completed.


Whilst I appreciate the residents of Monxton ongoing concerns with regard to the lorry movements, this is not something my officers can comment on or control. I would advise you to seek the advice of the Hampshire’s Highways team in this regard.


The Chairman has also contacted Alison Field at the Forestry Commission and received the following reply :-


Thank you for your email asking about the Forestry Commission response to the dumping of rubble at Fox Woods. I confirm that a small team of colleagues has been looking into this issue. We are liaising with the Local Authority and Environment Agency to explore options to redress the situation and are also seeking expert advice on the suitability of the tracks as a forest road and the wider impacts of dumping within the wood.

3. Brian Carre spoke about planning applications 14102598/FONN – 1401074IFONN -14/025981FONN – Forestry Notification for internal road alterations to improve access to timber stock – Great Woods and The Groves on Dunkirt Lane , Abbotts Ann and lower Oakcuts Copse in red Rice, Andover.


Mr Carre spoke about several inaccuracies relating to this the planning application that have been made by TVBC Planners. HGV movements are 396 not 3960 as stated in the application paperwork. The Parish Council will write to TVBC to clarify not only how the estimate of vehicle movements had been so far off and more importantly to clarify if this is a Planning Notice or Application and how this confusion could have arisen. The planners will also be asked for clarification/conformation that the vehicles involved in the development phase are also subject to the S106 routings.



  • Bollards installed outside Monxton Manor and new road markings for parking and speed
  • Village Gateways are on order for 2015/16, along with the TRO (see below)
  • Community Speedwatch is starting in the New Year
  • Bollards to be installed on small green (Abbotts Ann Rd)
  • Application for TRO for 30mph speed limit extension.
  • Request for scalpings at highways edge on Broad Road and Amport Road.


ENVIRONMENT – Cllr J Balding

There were several complaints in September about garden waste, including grass cuttings and apples, being dumped upstream of the Black Swan Pub in to the Pillhill Brook.


Riparian land owner’s have certain responsibilities including: “To help protect water quality, riverbanks should not be used to dispose of garden or household waste, where it could be washed into the river. This includes grass cuttings which pollute the water. ”


If anybody is unsure about what they have to do or are new to living near a watercourse, advice can be sought from the Environment Agency. If riparian landowners do not carry out their responsibilities, they could face legal action.


Water and land pollution blockages, which increase the risk of flooding, should be reported to the Environment Agency’s Incident Hotline: 0800 80 7 060.


If you see any activity on the Pillhill Brook that could damage the environment or increase flood risk, please report it to Councillor Judith Balding.


Southern Water recently repaired the damage to the roads and drain adjacent to the pumping station. Further works to the pumping station are due to start shortly.


There have been a number of instances of fly tipping in the last few months. To report fly tipping to TVBC, please go to the Monxton Matters website for details.


The footpath between Manor Farm and the Grain Store was cut again in October. Councillors Judith Balding and Sarah Dowding inspected the stiles on the majority of the footpaths in October. One was very slippery in the wet weather and chicken wire was put on it for more traction and one was found broken on Footpath 6. This has been reported to HCC. There are no reports of any other problems with footpaths or bridleways. Dog walkers are reminded to keep their dogs under control and not to trespass on private land. Please keep your dogs on leads in the village and near horses, sheep and cattle.


Councillor Balding attended a meeting of the TVAPTC on 13th November on behalf of MPC, where there were three guest speakers. Mrs Terry Bishop, Chairman of Test Valley Community Services, which supports local communities, explained that TVCS provides numerous discounted and free services, including Dial A Ride, minibus hire, a Shopmobility service, an equipment loan service and training. They always need volunteers and further details will be put on the Monxton Matters website.


From TVBC, Katie Rasdall, Senior Planning Officer, spoke about the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and Frances Cleland, Elections Manager, explained the new voting registration system called the ‘Individual Electoral Registration’ (IER). Details of the IER are on the Monxton Matters website.


There has been a drop in reported poaching incidents recently but we have seen a rise in burglaries to non dwellings. These have included thefts of tools and equipment from sheds but vehicles including quad bikes and off road motorcycles have been stolen. Here in Monxton last Tuesday (11 November) a wallet was stolen from a van parked in a drive. This was posted on Monxton Matters, I hope everybody saw it.


These continue to be a source of annoyance to us all, hopefully that is all they are but anyone who watches programmes on television alerting people to crime of this type will realise that many people fall for these tricks.


There have been no alerts since the last meeting. I propose to issue one before Christmas with the usual seasonal warnings and a reminder about the scams.



Payments October and November 2014.

  • R.N. Waterman                   Wages – October (Standing Order)   £200.00
  • R.N. Waterman                   Wages – November                               £200.00
                                                                                                                £ 400.00

ACCOUNTS – 1st April 2014 – 19th November 2014


  • Opening Balance BF      = £5,574.65
  • Plus ½ precept             = £5,200.00




  • Wages                         =  £1600.00
  • Insurance                    =    £388.45
  • Notice Boards              =    £133.30
  • Play Ground Inspection =     £65.40
  • Village Maintenance      =  £1171.00
  • Dog Bins                     =     £152.64
  • Church Grant               =     £500.00


BALANCE IN BANK       =  £6,763.86


  • £1000 for Village Hall Refurbishment
  • £2000 for Traffic Calming
  • £1000 for Village Project/Maintenance


SUNNYBANK – Cllr D Bateman

Cllr Mr D Bateman spoke about various footpaths and provided pictures of how wet and water logged they have become during the recent rain. An issue with a damaged fence was reported. An incident of Fly Tipping was reported, PCSO David Trowbridge got involved  and the issue has now been resolved. Residents should report any Fly Tipping to TVBC.


A short presentation was given on the recent and current state of the groundwater levels in North West Hampshire as it impacts upon the Western Parishes and Monxton in particular.

The level of the groundwater at the Clanvilles Gate Bore Hole was “Notably High” at the end of August and remained “Above Normal” in September and October. Recent reading show the levels above those of 12 months ago. Thus, if we have another wet winter, the danger of groundwater flooding is high – We do not need as much rain as last winter for there to be problems.

It was reported that the Clanville Gate Bore Hole water levels are higher that at the same time last year. The levels are being monitored and ther are concerns that the levels could cause problems if we continue to have high rain fall.


The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.



  • 21st January
  • 18th March
  • 20th May – AGM
  • 15th July
  • 16th September
  • 18th November











2 comments on “Parish Council Minutes – 19 November 2014

  1. David Hodgson says:

    There was no mention about the future of Manor Farm and the possibility of the steel works moving away to allow the building of houses on the land. Could we please have an update at the next meeting. David Hodgson


    • There was an update on the Alpine Group at Manor Farm at the Monxton Parish Council meeting last evening (21 January 2015) and the full details will be published with the minutes soon. Suffice to say work is still ongoing but we have been told that there will be no more than ten houses on the site in the future.


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