Black Swan car park and village green

As you all know, our pub, the Black Swan, has closed. We don’t know what will happen next to the pub, although Monxton Parish Council (MPC) has written to the owners, Enterprise Inns, to ask for information. The Parish Council is yet to receive a reply.

When the pub was closed a few years ago, MPC registered the building as a Community Asset. The Parish Council has now also registered the car park and Village Green as Community Assets as well, and these have now been added to TVBC’s list. This will give a degree of protection in the future, should things change.

MPC is also registering the previously unregistered Village Green to give an even greater level of protection, and is doing everything possible to ensure we have our open spaces protected in perpetuity.

The Village Green is also owned by Enterprise Inns (previously owned by the brewery, Strongs of Romsey), although Monxton Parish Council pays for and arranges the upkeep for the enjoyment of everyone.

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