Dogs and Public Paths

A gentle reminder for all dog owners and walkers

The countryside is a great place to exercise dogs, but it’s every owner’s duty to make sure their dog is not a danger or nuisance to farm animals, wildlife or other people.

  • Please pick up your dog’s mess when on footpaths, rights of way and public paths. There have been quite a few instances where dog mess has been left on footpaths and also in the barnyard at Manor Farm in Monxton.
  • Once you have picked up the dog mess please DO NOT leave the bag on or near the path. This is littering and worse than leaving the dog mess. There are bins to put the bags (by the bus stop on the High Street; by the lay-by between the main village and Sunnybank; on the footpath near the grain store leading to the gallops) or take it home for disposal.
  • Please keep to the footpaths and do not trespass on fields. This is especially important when crops are sown
  • Please keep dogs on leads or under close control near livestock and do not allow them to enter any field with livestock. By law a farmer is entitled to destroy a dog that injures or worries their livestock.
  • If a farm animal chases you and your dog, it is safer to let your dog off the lead – don’t risk getting hurt by trying to protect it.
  • By law you must control your dog so it doesn’t disturb or scare farm animals or wildlife. This is especially important between 1st March and 31st July when animals tend to have young to look after.
  • Take particular care that your dog doesn’t wander where it might scare or disturb birds that nest on the ground and other wildlife – eggs and young will soon die without protection from their parents.
  • Please click here to see the map of footpaths around the area

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