Southern Water 

Monxton High Street closed w/c 25 July

SW only managed to complete part of relining works in the High Street back at the end of May. So they are back next week to finish the job. Advanced warning signs are in place & like last time it’s going to cause disruption: High Street closed, noisy machinery & tankers at both Mullens Pond & Furzedown Ln Water Pumping Stations. Depending on ground water infiltration it may take up to 2 weeks to complete this work. CCTV image shows just how bad ground water infiltration is in this area – & it’s only getting in thru the pipe joints. So the benefit of having a fully sealed High Street sewer is that considerably less ground water will be mixed with our sewage & pumped over the hill into Abbotts Ann & on to Upper Clatford & finally to Fullerton Water Treatment Works.  Letters have been distributed to all residents that will be affected. Please be patient whilst this essential work is being undertaken. 

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